Data Analytics for Metal Cutting

Get deep insights to your machining processes and solve issues much faster

Machining Analytics Solutions

Higher output at equal quality, cost reduction and faster problem solving continue to challenge everyone in the metal cutting industry on a daily basis. Besides increasing transparency, automating processes and professional education advanced analytics allow to generate insight to solve problems faster than ever before. As c-Com we provide you with a software module that makes sense of your metal cutting data. Our software not only allows you to increase transparency by providing reports on demand, it also warns you proactively in case it predicts potential issues. Eventually this improves your productivity.

Value Stream Analysis

Value Stream Analysis

In the vast majority of cases a product is not manufactured in one step. Hence, a workpiece is typically machined in multiple steps throughout different machines, lines and shifts. Installing quality gates after each step is timewise and economically not feasible. With c-Com’s machining analytics solutions (MAS), the value stream is modeled first, followed by the mapping of data for each step. Finally our MAS software helps you to identify anomalies and patterns within the data to analyse causes for quality or tool issues and to prevent them from happening again. This boosts productivity and saves valuable time for your engineers.

Tool Wear Recognition

“A tool’s wear is the fingerprint of your process” is what a typical tool manufacturer will tell you. So the question is: How do you make use of it?

The combination of images and measurements of a tool as input data for our machining analytics solutions (MAS) tool wear recognition algorithms allow to segment a tool’s cutting edges and their wear classification. With serialized tools this information is very valuable since it enables tool performance analysis across refurbishments and it may reveal issues within your process. This indirect process monitoring increases both the transparency on your tool stock as well as on your manufacturing. Typical benefits introducing our solution include:

  • Less time and errors for data entry since all measurements are made available digitally
  • On-demand reports with precise refurbishment information / high data quality
  • Early indication of process issues through automated wear recognition
  • Time savings for tool inspection with our digital tool inspection assistant
Tool Wear Recognition